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When I negotiated the purchase of my J/133 sailboat from Chicago I needed an independent surveyor to assist me in this process . The seller’s broker referred me to Marian Lambrecht and he did say that she was very thorough and most competent, and I was not disappointed . From the other side of the world I needed reliable and timely advice. Marian’s comprehensive survey report covered every conceivable detail and gave me the confidence to travel to inspect with the expectation that I would complete the purchase transaction with a minimum of fuss . Thank you to Marian for helping this to be a happy experience.

Tony Love
McGees Properties
Brisbane, Australia

I have sailed, raced and worked with Mari and she is one of the most hard working, trustworthy people I know.

Rich Stearns, Owner
Stearns Boating, LLC
(312) 994-9153

Although I had only hired her for a delivery from Crowley’s to the harbor… Marian went a step beyond and helped rig my sails, running rigging, etc…explaining all the while, so I would know how to myself the next time. She’s always been very helpful no matter the task. Her high level of knowledge makes you feel comfortable to have her working on your boat. Highly recommend!

Kristen Cooper, owner of “Obsedant,” Beneteau 30

I have spent a two seasons with Marian as a professional rigger in the Chicago market working on both standing and running rigging as well as general nautical assembly. I have also crewed for Schuss Marine on boat deliveries on vessels from 28 to 50 feet. I have observed her survey techniques and have witnessed first-hand her practical knowledge of boats of all sizes. I find her ability, seamanship and marine knowledge to be professional and impressive. I would highly recommend Schuss Marine for all its services.

Andrew Nicoletti, owner of “Fortunate One,” Avanti 38

We used Marian Lambrecht to survey the boat we purchased. We found her work to be very thorough and she was very easy to work with – especially with follow-up questions and clarifications. Timing was an issue and we needed the survey quickly, which was a great help.

Brian McIlwee, President
McIlwee Millwork

Marian Lambrecht cleaned bottoms for the Etchells World Championship in 2008 and prior to that for the 2006 Etchells North American Championship. She was able to clean a large number of boats in a timely fashion. Her customers were happy with the result.

Rick Kaiser, Regatta Chair
Etchells Worlds 2008 and 2006 NA’s

Marian Lambrecht’s immersion into the boating industry enables her to facilitate surveying, deliveries, bottom cleaning as well as sailing instruction. Marian cleaned the bottom of the e33 before the Verve cup in 2008 and found a problem that the boat yard had overlooked which would have cost us the race as well as money in repairs. Marian made some suggestions and presented some options which saved us quite a bit of money. We were so happy with Marian we asked her to sail in the regatta and with her focus on main trim we achieved a first place.

When in Lake Michigan go left,
Keith Church, Loft Manager, Quantum Sails